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Mind In Colour


This was a songwriting project by drummer Brian Greene. It produced 6 songs from two recording projects.


The band was put together to record the first EP at The Dream of Oswald Studios where Brian Greene was a regular session drummer for producer Keith James. 




The first recording project was Silhouettes - which delivered a 3 song EP which included the tracks:


  • Silhouette of a Broken Man

  • Simple Letters of Love

  • Surely


The EP creation was led largely as a rock duo with Brian Greene and David Young and supported by some great session musicians friends. 


The recording artists featured were:


  • Rob Alderton, Piano 

  • Brian Greene, Drums, Keyboards & Programming

  • Ginni Hogarth, Additional Vocals.

  • Keith James, Vocals

  • Chris McCartney, Percussion 

  • Katy Setterfield, Additional Vocals

  • Paul Townsend, Bass

  • David Young, Guitars


Music by Brian Greene and Lyrics by Brian Greene & Claire Peevor.


The EP was recorded at the Dream of Oswald studios in Maidenhead, Berkshire


Mind In


Rock Band 

Heavy Fall

Heavy Fall


The second recording project was Heavy Fall - which was a further 3 song EP which included the tracks:


  • Lead to a Heavy Fall

  • Save All Your Lies

  • Now That You're Leaving


Mind In Colour became a solo songwriting venture by the time the second recording project came around. In the absence of financial support Brian continued to back the project which was preparing to secure a recording contract, record a complete album and play live. Good interest was secured from ZTT records. Heavy Fall was the demo recorded for ZTT by a band of great musician friends that Brian had recruited. 


The band played live and received further interest from Alan Parsons, but the failure to secure backing and keep a permament singer finally meant that the band was not viable to continue as an ongoing project. 


The recording band was made up of:


  • David Cash, Piano 

  • Brian Greene, Drums, Keyboards & Programming

  • Andy Hodge, Bass

  • Jerry Playle, Guitars

  • Gerry Power, Vocals


Music and Lyrics by Brian Greene.


The EP was recorded at RA Studies in Wallingford, Oxon and engineered by Rob Alderton and Jerry Playle.




Brian Greene



Mob: 07976 208859

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